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Wall Paintings: Storytellers

This exhibition brings together a broad cross-section of artists whose work incorporates elements of narrative or storytelling. Acknowledging the attention and respect now regularly given to art forms that fall outside of the traditionally-defined fine arts, this exhibit brings together a broad range of Pittsburgh artists including those working in comics, illustration, and graphic design. The exhibition encourages artists to continue working in their current direction while pushing their boundaries, as each artist is assigned a large wall and invited to work at a scale of up to 12 x 12 feet, with the art itself being temporary and ephemeral–the artwork will be painted over at the end of the exhibition period. The twelve artists in “Wall Paintings: Storytellers” were selected based on their past accomplishments and invited to produce a new painting at their discretion, considering only the broad parameters of the storytelling theme. (Robert Raczka, curator)

For this exhibition, I invited designer and illustrator Lisa Rasmussen to join me. We agreed upon the theme of honoring Maria Sibylla Merian, who died in 1717. We researched Merian at the Hunt Botanical Institute and worked closely on the composition and visual elements. Lisa then drew the final composition. The completed wall painting is shown on the left. Click the image for more information on Merian.

See a time-lapse video of our painting the gallery wall here.

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