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Atomic Bomb Pit #1, Tinian Island, Micronesia

Infinity City Redux

Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings

Over the course of a decade (1991 - 2002), I collaborated with my late partner and artist Stephen Moore on a series of art installations exploring life in the atomic age. Our engagement with this subject began while we were living in Los Angeles and became involved with "UNARM," a group of activist artists and students who were addressing nuclear issues (1982-83). Almost a decade later, Stephen took a job on Guam. While visiting there and out of curiosity, I traveled with Stephen to Tinian Island where the first atomic bombs were launched and dropped on Japan.

The site, which irrevocably changed the course of human history, was overgrown and largely forgotten. This somber place and its ghosts spoke to us and compelled us to embark on a 10-year nuclear pilgrimage, taking us to Japan, Nagasaki, and key historic nuclear sites in the U.S.

Along with three art installations exhibited (in whole or in part) over ten years in 12 venues across the U.S., we produced an extensive website to complement and extend the scope of the project. On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary, I have relaunched the original website, unchanged from 25 years ago. Given the limitations of the web at that time, the images are low resolution and small. However, there is much heart, soul, and information on these pages, akin to an old vinyl record.


Join us in our journey across three continents to consider why we humans bring forth such monstrous creations. As Oppenheimer, the father of the bomb, recited after witnessing the first atomic test at Trinity site: "now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" (Bhagavad Gita).

Enter original website here. Thanks to the Land Art Generator  for hosting the site.

Powerpoint presentation on Infinity City as part of "Atomic Dialogues" Aug 9, 2020

"Infinity City: Translations of an Atomic Pilgrimage," essay published in Women Environmental Artist Journal, Issue #5


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