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Ann has taught art, design, and ecoliteracy at all educational levels, from K-12, undergraduate and graduate students, and adult education and seniors, including public and charter schools, state and private colleges and universities, and online. Ann's focus is on interdisciplinarity, with the environment at the center, using art as a means to integrate knowledge and understanding while sharing what is learned with the community. Ann delights in igniting a passion for art, design, and nature through her studio and art history courses.

Ann currently directs LUNA - Learning Urban Nature through Art, an ecoliteracy and art program initially funded through a Remake Learning grant from the Sprout Fund. She also teaches through Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).

Some of the courses and workshops she has offered are: Eco/Community Art;  Mixed Media and Collage; Printmaking; Visual Journaling; Fundamentals of Design; Color Theory; American and European Art History.  See Ann's CV for a complete listing of courses and institutions where she has taught. See Ann's teaching portfolio here.


Ann can design a course, workshop, program, or curriculum that meets the needs of your institution, community, or group.

Photos: Project LUNA (top); Collagraph printmaking at LOCUS through OLLI.

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