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Ann has extensive experience in public speaking and teaching. She specializes in the intersections of art, the environment, and community.  Ann welcomes the opportunity to address diverse audiences from a range of disciplines and interests, including students, academics, environmental professionals, and the general public. Below are a few of her recent lectures. You can see a complete list on her  resume.

Art in the Anthropocene, Lecture & Workshop, Saint Lawrence University, NY, 2016

Art in the Anthropocene, CalU, World Social Work Day: Sustainable Communities, PA, 2016

Environmental Art in Thinking and Practice, Alloy Pittsburgh at the Pump House, PA, 2015

Environmental Art: An Historical Overview, Center for Sustainable Landscapes, Pittsburgh, PA, 2015

Creative Peacemaking, Peace and Planet Conference, Cooper Union, NY, 2015

Redefining Beauty in the Context of Sustainability, Athenaeum Dialogues in Art and Architecture, La Jolla, CA, 2014

Redefining Beauty in the Context of Sustainability, Arsenal Gallery, New York City, NY, 2013


Please contact Ann to arrange a lecture and to discuss how she can meet the needs of your community.

 Public Speaking

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