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Gel printing supplies for WSCC Workshop  (download supply list here)

Note: I am not endorsing any sources for these. These are just for you to see what the product is.


Please buy/bring the following items:


Gel plate: I suggest 8" x 10" or close to that. However, buy the size you can afford. My preferred brand is Gel Press, but any brand is fine. The Gel Press plate from Amazon, if you are a Prime member, is significantly cheaper. You can also make your own plate. Email me (above) if you want instructions for that.


Brayer: I prefer a soft brayer, but any brayer will work. Foam rollers do not work well! If you have a brayer that you use for printmaking, you will not want to muck it up with acrylic paint! Better to buy another one, or use an old one that you don’t care about! I strongly recommend the Speedball brand with the steel frame—not plastic. Other, cheaper brands are not worth the price difference—they don’t last! My brayers have stood the test of time.

Items to try with the plate (see YouTube videos for ideas—search “gel printing”): string, lids for making circles in the paint, a comb for drawing lines in the paint, plant material that can be easily flattened (not sticks; fresh or dried leaves are good), feathers, textured surfaces (e.g., bubble wrap, canvas). Stencils and masks--store bought or cut your own from old file folders. You can make stencils in class as well.


General craft tools: scissors, ruler, pencil, etc. If you have: exacto knife and blades, cutting mat.

Materials that will be provided. HOWEVER, if you have these, please bring!!


Acrylic paint: You can use any type of acrylic paint--tubes or fluid acrylics, craft acrylics, Golden Open acrylics (more expensive, but longer drying time). Center for Creative Reuse usually has a lot of acrylic paints--fluid and in tubes. I will also bring acrylic retarder so the paint doesn’t dry too fast.


Plexiglas: If you put your plate on a piece of plexi, it won't slide around on you! I will have some for your use. Center for Creative Reuse usually has some as well.


Paper for printing. You can use almost any type of paper. Here's the deli paper I buy, which is great for collage. Just get the white. Prints come out really nice on it. Copier paper works fine, printmaking paper, etc. whatever you have or want to try out. Raid your paper stash for this!


Old file folders: I like these for making stencils. I just use the paper ones, but some people like the plastic so you can wash them off. Center for Creative Reuse has lots of these.

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